10 Lines on My Elder Sister in English

10 Lines on My Elder Sister in English

1. My elder sister is my first friend. Since my childhood till then now she is my best friend.

2. I am also her best friend even now.

3. When we were little then we always try to fight each other most of the time I was biting her being a soft girl she was bear my all pestered.

4. When I was in class five at that time I was also realized that she was a really good girl and I stopped fighting with her.

5. Day by day she uses to share her all talks with me her pain her happiness also her feelings.

6. Sometimes I was laughing to hear her talk sometimes I can’t understand but I was extremely eager to hear her discuss I was also finding interest with her company and her book.

7. I was like to read her book, use her cosmetic even her dress it gives me pleasure.

8. After growing, she shared her inner feeling I was also trying to help her. But I took many bribes for that.

9. Today, I have arrived at her home and we are discussing our childhood memories and also our past. 

10. I love my sister very much.

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