10 Lines on Mobile Phone in English

10 Lines on Mobile Phone for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

10 sentences on mobile phone for classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 students. These lines are easy and simple. Any kids can learn these. You should share these lines with your kids.  

1. The mobile phone is a huge invention of modern science.  

2. It is known as ‘cellular phone’ often.  

3. Voice calling, video calling and text messaging is the basic feature of a phone.  

4. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Most of the phones are touch phones now.  

5. It has so advanced technology.  

6. We can browse the internet there.  

7. Kids can play video games on the phone.  

8. Every phone has a good quality of the camera that you can use in mobile photography.  

9. We can make a video too with a mobile phone.  

10. We should use this technology in a good way.    

10 Lines on Mobile Phone for Class 5, 6, 7

1. The mobile phone is a blessing of science.  

2. We can call, text, and play video games on a phone.  

3. It helps us to stay connected with everyone. The Internet has made that feature so easy.  

4. The Internet keeps us updated about the entire world.  

5. We can watch videos, can read the news, and can use social media like Facebook and Twitter.  

6. Communication has been improved a lot because of mobile.  

7. Entertainment has been easy. Kids can play games and can watch cartoons.  

8. It helps in office works too. You can schedule your work and make a reminder.  

9. But it is not good always. Sometimes it becomes a huge reason for time-wasting.  

10. Overall we need to use this invention in a good way.

10 Lines on Mobile Phone for Class 8, 9, 10

1. The mobile phone is the latest invention of modern science that has made the communication system so easy for all.  

2. It has brought a revolution in modern technology. People can get connected with one another wireless.  

3. Modern mobile phones have so many features, such as making a video call and audio call. You can talk and can see someone at the same time.  

4. You can watch a movie and listen to music on a mobile device.  

5. Most smartphones are on touch phones now. Touch phones are easy to use.  

6. The phone has a camera that you can use to take photos and can make videos.  

7. You can browse the internet and can use Facebook. It is so easy and it has made the world smaller.  

8. We need a mobile phone in our daily life. We can’t think a single day without it.  

9. It has some bad sides too. Young people are addicted to it and they waste a huge time.  

10. A mobile phone is a big gift of modern science; we need to use this properly.

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