10 Lines on Mango Fruit in English

10 Lines on Mango Fruit for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Mango is our national fruit.  

2. It is a very sweet fruit.  

3. It is known as the king of all fruits.  

4. There are over 100 varieties of mangoes based on size, color, and types.  

5. People make mango pickle and sauce.  

6. Children love drinking mango juice.  

7. It is very healthy with Vitamin C and A.  

8. Alphonso is the largest mango type.  

9. People of India and Pakistan cultivate mango gardens for decades.  

10. I love mango fruit a lot.    

10 Lines on Mango Fruit for Class 5, 6, 7

10 sentences on mango fruit for class 5, 6, 7 are here. Share these lines with your kids and let them learn more about this fruit.  

1. Mango is a seasonal fruit found in the summer season.  

2. It is popular among everyone because of sweet taste.  

3. It is easy to grow a mango tree and get this amazing fruit.  

4. Children love to eat mango because of very sweet taste.  

5. It looks yellow when it ripens and looks green when it is newborn.  

6. Newborn mangoes are not sweet, they are sour.  

7. You can make a pickle with it. Pickle is so tasty.  

8. Mango is national fruit in India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.  

9. It has a huge amount of vitamins in this.  

10. Children love to eat mangoes a lot.  

10 Lines on Mango Fruit for Class 8, 9, 10

Here are few lines on mango fruit for classes 8, 9, and 10. These lines are the best match for these class students. I am sure they can learn these lines easily.  

1. Mango is a very popular fruit found in the summer season mostly. It is a tropical fruit.  

2. It is the national fruit of India and Pakistan. Because of its sweet taste, everyone loves to eat it.  

3. This fruit is known as the king of all fruits. It is found everywhere and great in taste.  

4. Almost it is found all over the world, mostly in Asian countries.  

5. A newborn mango fruit looks green and it is sour it tastes. It becomes yellow when it ripens.  

6. It is a seasonal fruit that is found in the summer season only.  

7. It has so many nutritional values. It includes Vitamin C and it is so good for our health.  

8. People make pickles from it. Mango pickle is so popular and tasty.  

9. Children love to eat mango fruit a lot because of its sweet taste.  

10. I love this fruit a lot and I am so much thankful for nature for giving us such sweet and tasty fruit to eat.

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