10 Lines on Lion in English

The lion is a really strong and powerful animal in the jungle. You might have lots of interest to know more about this animal. And that’s why we are providing these 10 lines on lion in English for you. You should share these lines with your kids, it’s really important for their exams.

10 Lines on Lion for Class 2, 3, 4

Here are really easy and simple lines on lion for classes 2, 3 and 4. The student of these classes can learn these lines easily.

1. The lion is known as the King of Jungle.

2. They are really strong and speedy.

3. They hunt big animals in the jungle to survive.

4. Lion mostly hunt Zebra and Deer.

5. The lionesses naturally love to hunt too much, lions hunt really less.

6. They usually don’t fight with rhinoceros or elephant.

7. Most of the lions live in Africa.

8. African lions are stronger than the Asian lions.

9. The lion is a sign of strength.

10. We need to save the lion.  

10 Lines of Lion for Class 5, 6, 7

These lines on Lion for class 5, 6, and 7 are really easy and simple for everyone. You can learn them easily.  

1. The lion is one of the strongest and powerful animals in the jungle; they love to live with a 10-15 lions group.

2. You can hear the roar of an adult male lion from 8 KM distance. That is really insane and their roar will make you afraid.

3. There are several types of lions in the world. Some of them are getting annihilated day by day.

4. The biggest number of lions is in African countries. The governments are trying to save them and breed them on the national parks. African national parks are really beautiful.

5. Lion never hunts in the night. The night is their resting time and they hunt in the daylight.

6. The lions love to live in the caves surrounded by grasslands. They usually live with a group. They come alone and lonely at the end of their life.

7. According to a few surveys, there are only 20,000 to 25,000 are existing in the world. We should take a step to save them.

8. There are lots of people who are still hunting lions and other jungle animals. We have to stop them. They make a really important balance in biodiversity. Every animal is important in that.

9. ‘South African Lion’ considered as the biggest lion on this species. They are known as Transvaal Lion too.

10. There are only 650 living lions in India. We need to take some step and do some campaign to save the lion.

10 Lines of Lion for Class 8, 9, 10

 1. The lion is one of the largest and strongest members of the cat family. It’s the ultimate king of the jungle.

2. He is considered as the king because of his huge size and strength. They have the highest capacity to hunt other animals.

3. Their favorite animals for hunting are Zebra and Deer. But they never mess with Elephant or Rhinoceros.

4. With a strong body, they have four legs and strong paws. Their nails are too much sharp that could kill a normal animal within a couple of minutes.

5. Lion’s head is covered with beautiful hair and that hair is known as ‘Mane’. The lions with darker mane survive more than other lions. It’s a sign for their strength and longevity. The reason for long hair is to protect his neck.

6. They are carnivore animal and they manage their food hunting other animals on the jungle.

7. In the jungle, a lion survived for 12-14 years. But in a zoo, they live almost 20 years on average.

8. The lion roar is really popular and you can hear that from 8 KM away if an adult male lion makes it.

9. The female lions are known as ‘Lioness’. When they give birth a kid lion, it is known as ‘Cubs’. They live and get older with mother.

10. An overall lion is a really beautiful creation for nature. We shouldn’t kill them. We should protect that amazing species.    

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