10 Lines on Jujube in English for Kids

10 Lines on Jujube for Kids

1. In India, one of the most popular seasonal fruit is jujube.  

2. Its scientific name is Ziziphus mauritiana.  

3. This Fruit belongs to the Rhamnaceae family. Jujube is a tropical fruit.  

4. Now the time in our country jujube is available everywhere & now this jujube is the best street food in the urban area.  

5. Jujube Chutney is common & favorite for Bengali people.  

6. Village people like to eat Jujube Chutney together. Also, it is very enjoyable to eat together.  

7. And again we can make condiments with jujube.  

8. Jujube has various tastes. The new fresh eating varieties taste like a very sweet apple when eaten fresh.  

9. I missed these days when in the village we collected Jujube and making Chutney in the noontime.  

10. I love to eat this fruit a lot.

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