10 Lines on Health is Wealth in English

10 Lines on Health is Wealth in English
10 Lines on Health is Wealth in English

10 Lines on Health is Wealth: Set 1 for Class 1, 2, 3, 4

1. Health is our biggest asset and we need to take care of it.

2. To be healthy we have to follow a few rules of good health.

3. We have to drink lots of water regularly.

4. We need to keep ourselves clean and need to wash hand before eating.

5. Try to avoid all fast food and junk foods.

6. We have to wake up early in the morning.

7. We will not get a happy mind with a sick body.

8. That’s why first of all we need to take care of our bodies.

9. Eating eggs and milk regularly will be beneficial.

10. Everyone should follow these health rules from a very young age.

10 Lines on Health is Wealth: Set 2 for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Health is the best asset in our life. We need to take care of our health properly.

2. If we get sick or get a bad situation for our health then we can’t enjoy our life. Even if you have lots of money, you can’t enjoy your life if you are sick or physically weak.

3. That’s why we need to be aware of our health from student life. If you can get some good and healthy rules in your life, then you will have better health in the future.

4. It is not too much hard to maintain your health in a good way.

5. The very first rule of good health is to be clean. You have to keep yourself clean. Bathe daily and wash your hands before eating. That will save you from lots of bacteria.

6. Then need to drink lots of water. Water is an important element for our body. It helps us to lose weight, helps to get better kidney condition and many more good sides.

7. Then a good food habit is highly important. You should eat vegetables and fruits a lot. That will provide lots of vitamins and fiber in your body.

8. Have to avoid every type of junk food in this case. These foods are risky for our physical health.

9. And finally, some physical exercises are also important.

10. Yes, health is wealth and we all need to accept it.

10 Lines on Health is Wealth: Set 3 for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Health is wealth and this is a very true quote. You can’t enjoy millions of dollars if you are sick. That’s why we need to take care of our health.

2. It is not possible to buy happiness with money when you are not in good health condition. We all need to become aware of our health from student life.

3. Student life is the best time in our life to learn and prepare ourselves for the future. In this time if we learn to maintain our health properly, then we will get an amazing benefit in the old time.

4. Suppose you are a very good student and you studied very hard for the exam but didn’t care about your health. In that case, if you get sick right before the exam, then your hard work and study won’t help you to pass the exam. That’s why it is important to take care of health.

5. There are some rules of good health. If someone can follow the rules, then he will get good health without any hesitation.

6. First of all, you need to get better food habits. You should put lots of vegetables and fruit in your food menu. You shouldn’t eat any junk food.

7. There is no nutritional value in junk food like burgers, pizzas or chips. We should boycott these foods. These add extra fat and sugar in our body that can be really risky. It increases the chances of heart attack and blood pressure.

8. Besides good food habits, you can do some physical exercises. With lots of exercises, it will help you to gain a good shape of the body and lose extra fat.

9. Being clean is another good option to be healthy. It should you keep yourself neat and clean every time then any virus or disease can’t beat you easily.

10. Overall we need to be serious about our health. You can’t skip awareness about this.

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