10 Lines on Good Manners in English

10 Lines on Good Manners in English

We all need to have some good manners. Today I am going to share 10 lines on good manners in English. Every student and child should learn these lines. You will find lines that are similar to your class or grade.

10 Lines on Good Manners for Class 1, 2, 3

1. Helping others is a good manner.

2. We need to practice these manners for making our society beautiful.

3. Having good manners is important when we want to live a social life.

4. These manners help us to grow good habits.

5. It helps us to stay motivated and inspired.


6. Good manners help us to get dignity and respect from others.

7. Another hand, bad manners defame us.

8. We should practice good manners.

9. We should avoid bad manners.

10. It is important to teach kids from childhood.    

10 Lines on Good Manners for Class 4, 5

1. There are lots of good manners that we need to practice in our life.


2. Before entering someone else room, we should knock and ask for permission. It’s a good manner.

3. If you commit any mistake, you should say sorry and apologize immediately.

4. Respecting elder in the road and do greeting with them is also considered as good manners.

5. Everyone should be caring and have to share your things with others. Suppose if you are eating food, you should share it with your siblings.

6. When we travel, we should give our seat to elderly people.

7. We should not speak louder. Speaking on a silent voice is a really important manner.


8. We should not harass, bully or tease anyone.

9. Always need to help others in their need.

10. All these good manners can change society.    

10 Lines on Good Manners for Class 6, 7, 8

1. Good manners are really beneficial for our mental and physical health.

2. It helps us to think positive, stay motivated and do good things. That’s why it’s important to practice these always.

3. There are lots of good habits and manners, keeping your room and other stuff clean is one of them.


4. If you keep everything neat and clean, it will increase your working ability and help you to stay positive and motivated.

5. Our thinking is a really crucial part of our life. Thinking about good stuff is also important and that’s why we should practice that too.

6. We should throw the garbage in the dustbin; it helps to keep the environment clean. Otherwise, we have to face environmental pollution and that could be risky for our health.

7. Behaving with respect to everyone is one of the most important good manners that everyone should learn about.

8. When we do something, we need hard work to get success and patience too. So achieving hard working and patience mind is also really important.

9. In a student’s life, you need to attend every class, every exam and do all the homework, these are also good manners.


10. Overall, we can’t expect anything good without having some good manners.    

10 Lines on Good Manners for Class 9, 10

1. Having good manners can change our life, it’s important for having a good personality.

2. We get so many appreciations from our elders with our good manners. And younger learn these from us, it keeps society very beautiful.

3. If we practice good manners, other people will see us and they will be inspired to do that same. It is really important for us.

4. If you have that you will be able to find lots of good friends. And you know good friends are really important in our life to go ahead.

5. School is an important place to learn and practice manners. We can practise that with our teachers. If they like our manners, they will appreciate and love us more and more.


6. If you want to become successful in your life and want to do something good in a job or study, you just need to practice some habits these are really important to build your personality.

7. Now life is full of competition. We need to keep us ahead and good habits and manners can help us to stay in front.

8. Positivity is highly important in our life. But if you want to become positive you need to practice lots of good habits. Otherwise, you can’t be positive at all.

9. Motivated people can do something better in their life. They succeed in a job, study, and everything. And motivation comes from good manners.

10. It prevents us from wasting time. Time is really important in our life.

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