10 Lines on Football in English for Students

10 Lines on English for Class 2, 3, 4

These lines are easy to learn for the kids. If your kid is reading on class 2, 3 or 4, then you should share these lines with them. 

1. Football is an outdoor game.  

2. It is so much popular all across the world.  

3. There are 11 players in the two teams, each team has a goalkeeper.  

4. A referee controls the game and he has a whistle.  

5. FIFA is the governing body for this game.  

6. This game is a great option for physical exercise.  

7. FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the world.  

8. World Cup football is celebrated every four years.  

9. I am a part of my school football team. I play as a defender there.  

10. My favourite football team is Argentina and I love Messi a lot.    

10 Lines on English for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Football is a very popular outdoor game played all across the world. People from everywhere in the world plays this game.  

2. It was founded by the Greeks and then the English has reformed this game and adds lots of important rules. The football that we see and play now is founded by England.  

4. Football is known as Soccer in few countries like the USA. Some countries have some other names for this game.  

5. The rules are easy and simple. Anyone can understand and play it. Each team has 11 players. One of these 11 players is a goalkeeper. He stands under the goal bar.  

6. Each team tries to score goals in the opponents’ goal bar. The total game duration is 90 minutes. There are two halves. Each half have 45 minutes and between them there is 15-minute rest.  

7. There is a referee who controls the game. He has a whistle that he blows when someone commits any foul, throw, handball, corner, etc.  

8. FIFA or Federation of International Football Association is the governing body of this game all across the world. It controls the game.  

9. FIFA World Cup is the biggest football competition arranged all across the world. 32 teams participate in this battle and it is known as the greatest show on the earth.  

10. Overall this game has tremendous popularity all across the world. I am a huge football fan. I love to watch and enjoy this game.    

10 Lines on English for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Football is an outdoor game played all around the world. It is the most popular game and the largest number of people love to play and watch this sport. It is an interesting format of game and enjoyment.  

2. History of inventing football is pretty much controversial. But historians have been agreed that football was found by Greeks. They were sports lovers and invented so many games. But modern football that we play today is formed by England.  

3. FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the world. It is arranged all across the world every four years. 32 teams participate in the tournament. This competition is known as ‘The Biggest Show in the Earth’.  

4. Brazil is the highest trophy winner in the world cup, they have won that 5 times. Italy and Germany are in the second position and both of them won 4 world cups each. Argentina, France, and Uruguay have won 2 world cups each. England and Spain have won 1 each.  

5. India has not qualified for the world cup until now. But the current performance of the Indian National Team is pretty good. India is arranging a football league named ISL or Indian Super League with world-class players. And it is improving the football atmosphere in the country.  

6. Lionel Messi from Argentina is known as GOAT or Greatest of All Time in the game of football. He has achieved so many trophies with his club Barcelona and Argentina. Messi has lost the 2014 World Cup final with Germany. But has amazing individual achievements that anyone can never break.  

7. There are lots of leagues all over the world. English League, Spanish League, Italian League, and French League are the most popular. UEFA arranged Champions League and it is one of the biggest football tournaments for the clubs.  

8. This game is so much thrilling and interesting. People can’t eye off from the ground for 90 minutes. There are lots of TV Channels where you can enjoy football matches all day long.  

9. Rules in this game are not that complicated. Anyone can understand that. Each team has 11 players and they play with a single ball. There are two goal bars for two teams. Every team tries to score a goal in the opposition’s goal bar.  

10. I love watching and playing football a lot. I am a regular football player on my school team. I want to become a good footballer in the future.  

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