10 Lines on Domestic Animals in English

There are so many animals that people started to pet from the very beginning. There were lots of reasons behind petting these animals. Nowadays, we call them as a domestic animal. In this article, I will share 10 lines on domestic animals in English for every class students.

10 Lines on Domestic Animals
10 Lines on Domestic Animals

These lines on domestic animals for class 2, 3 and 4 are really easy and simple. If your children are a student of any of these classes, we suggest you show him this and tell him to learn. It’s highly important for the examination.

1. There are lots of domestic animals.

2. The cow is one of them.

3. Most of the family keeps a cow in villages.

4. It is a very quiet and holy animal in Hindu religion.

5. There is some common domestic animal like goat, sheep, and buffalo.

6. They are an integral part of village life.

7. People use them lots of need.

8. A cow gives us milk, it’s important for our health.

9. Dog and cats are also domestic animals.

10. They are also important for a house.

10 Lines on Domestic Animals for Class 5, 6, 7

Students of class 5, 6, and 7 can learn these easy lines of domestic animals. We have written these lines very simply so that any student can learn them.

1. Domestic animals are a hugely important part of human life.

2. Villagers can’t think a day without their domestic animals.

3. Cow and goat is the leading and most common animal that people raise in their house.

4. In India, the cow is a holy animal. The female cow is considered as a mother. That’s why people from Hindu religion love and respect cow.

5. Even they do Puja for cow and it expresses how much they love them.

6. A cow gives milk and it’s really important for the human body. Lots of people continue their life and maintain family selling milk.

7. Sometimes dogs are really important in the house as a security guard.

8. Most of the houses have a dog and they are really faithful to their owner.

9. Cats are a really cute animal that we should keep in the house.

10. Overall, there are lots of domestic animals and us should love them.

10 Lines on Domestic Animals for Class 8, 9, 10

These easy and simple lines on domestic animals for class 8, 9 and 10 are for you. If you are a student of any of these classes, you should learn these lines properly. It’s even important for examination too.

1. Domestic animals play a really essential part of human life, especially in the villages. People can’t even imagine a day without them.

2. The cow is considered as the most useful animal among every domestic animal. They give us milk and it’s really good food for every age group of people.

3. Even goat, buffalo and camel give us milk too. They are also, animals that people raise in their house.

4. Goat and sheep are common animals and they are very common everywhere. Sheep wool is a really valuable thing. The clothing that we wear in the winter they come from sheep wool.

5. People keep buffalos for milk and plowing the field. They are really strong and can do work hard. From a long decade ago, they are helping people in agriculture.

6. Every animal has its special uses. Suppose dogs and cats are also domestic animals. But they are totally different.

7. Dogs are considered as the best guard for your house. He will keep your house protected from unwanted peoples. The dog is the most faithful animal in this world.

8. Cats are really cute and people use to keep them in the house. Cats eat fish and milk mostly. And you will find cat food in the store too.

9. Camel is a useful animal too. People in desert use this lot. It is a source of milk and meat.

10. Overall, all domestic animals have their own specific needs and usefulness. We all should love these animals.