10 Lines on Doctor in English for Students

Doctors are a really important part of our regular life. They help us when we get sick and face any diseases. They give us lots of tips and advice to live a healthy life. Here we have got 10 lines on doctors for every class student. I am sure you will love these lines and can learn a lot from here.

10 Lines on Doctor in English
10 Lines on Doctor in English

If you are looking for a few lines on doctors for kids of class 2, 3, and 4 then here you are in the right place. We have provided such easy and simple words for the kids. I am pretty sure they will learn these points effortlessly. So share them with your kids.

1. A doctor is a person who gets a medical degree and cures people of different types of sickness.

2. It is not an easy job to do.

3. They do lots of hard work.

4. Due to humanity, they can’t set their time for work.

5. They are available 24 hours a day.

6. There are lots of institutes and colleges where they study on a medical subject.

7. There are different types of doctors.

8. Each one is an expert in their sector.

9. A nurse and a compounder assist a doctor in his chamber or clinic.

10. They deserve respect due to their hard work.

10 Lines on Doctor for Class 5, 6, 7

1. A doctor is a medically educated person who treats and cures people and prescribes medicines.

2. We all need doctors in our life very often.

3. Sickness and diseases are really common worldwide. People get sick and they need treatment, in that case, the doctors are really helpful.

4. When we arrived at a doctor, they do basic checkups and find the problem. And then they prescribe medicine or some tests to do.

5. Life of a doctor is not that easy or simple. They do lots of hard work. They don’t have any specific work time.

6. The doctors in rural areas are the most sacrificing character. They suffer lots of trouble but keep serving people.

7. There are different types of doctors who are specialized indifferent things like surgeons, physicians, and orthopedics.

8. They just don’t give medicine; they also advise people on how to get a healthy life. They advise to eat good food and do the diet. They teach and make us conscious of fitness.

9. They also manage lots of staff like nurses, compounders and hospital helpers.

10. We should respect every doctor because they are an important part of our community and life.

10 Lines on Doctor for Class 8, 9, 10

1. A doctor is a person who treats us when we get sick. They provide medicine and advice for better health. They are highly educated with a medical degree.

2. There are a huge number of doctors in our country, but there is still lacking doctors in lots of rural areas.

3. The government is trying to send doctors in these areas. But only a few of them enjoy working in rural areas. A lot of kinds and soft-hearted doctors are providing services for the poor people there.

4. People get huge relief when they come to a doctor. They share the detail of their problem and the doctor looks for a solution. But every doctor can’t provide treatment for every disease. There are specialized doctors for every different type of problem.

5. If you are having some problems with your teeth, then are dental experts to help you. If you are having a problem with your neck, then you can have an expert for that too.

6. Every country needs lots of good and qualified doctors. In our country, we have to lack good doctors. But there are lots of good doctors too.

7. My aim in the future to become a doctor. I think it is the most honest and good profession in the world. We can serve poor people when we become a doctor.

8. There are lots of countryside areas where lots of people die due to lacking proper treatment. I want to go somewhere like this and treat people for free.

9. I am sure someday I will be a good doctor and will be able to serve the nation.

10. You also can aim to become a doctor in the future. That is a noble profession.

These 10 lines on doctor are really easy and simple to learn. Whatever your class is you can find suitable lines for you. Don’t forget to share these lines with your kids.