10 Lines on Cricket in English for All Classes

Cricket is a top-rated game all across the world. Especially in India, it’s the most played game. The team India has two cricket world cups for two times, and that’s why people of India are crazy about this game. Today we will take a look at 10 sentences on cricket. We will try to share some vital information about this game with these few lines.

10 Lines on Cricket
10 Lines on Cricket

10 Lines on Cricket for Class 3, 4

1. Right after Football, cricket is the most favorite international game.

2. People from all across the world play this fantastic sport.

3. This bat and ball game has three aspects, bowling, batting, and fielding.

4. It’s about scoring runs with your bat and who scores more, they win the match.

5. There are lots of complicated rules in this game.

6. It is an outdoor game.

7. Three umpires are required to control a match.

8. There is a 22 yards pitch where bowler do bowling and batsman do batting.

9. ICC is the highest authority who operate world cricket.

10. I love cricket so much.

10 Lines on Cricket for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Cricket is a popular game all across the world and especially on the Indian subcontinent. People of India are just crazy about this game.

2. The biggest T20 tournament for cricket is IPL or Indian Premiere League. Lots of foreign players come to play IPL.

3. India is my favorite cricket team, and in IPL I always support Kolkata Knight Riders. I am a regular cricket watching person.

4. In our home, we never miss any match of India. We celebrate every win with our friends and family. India is the best team ever.

5. We have a cricket team in our school, and I am a part of that team. We won last inter-district championship. I scored 45 runs in the final match.

6. Cricket field is circular, and there is a 22-yard rectangular pitch where the batsman do batting and bowler do bowling. Pitch is the most essential place in the cricket field.

7. There are three wickets places on each side of the pitch. There are so many rules and regulation in this game.

8. Math referee is called as ‘Umpire’ in cricket, and he is the most essential part of the game. It’s not possible to play a match except umpire. There are two on-field umpires in, and another one is TV umpire.

9. I am a huge fan of cricket. I want to see all the matches and want my team to win.

10. Cricket is changing the youth and creating a positive craze among them.

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10 Lines on Cricket for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Cricket is a trendy sport in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Younger’s of these countries are crazy about cricket. Especially India has made a considerable improvement in cricket.

2. There three different types of a cricket match. Test match is a 5-day match, and it’s the most extended version. ODI or One Day International is a game for 50 over or one day. And the final version is T20, it’s the shortest version, and it only took a few hours.

3. Right now, T20 is the most popular format in this game because of some exciting tournaments like ICC T20 World Cup, IPL, BPL, BBL, PSL, and CPL, etc. these leagues are growing and being popular day by day.

4. One day cricket world cup was started in 1975, and till now there were lots of editions and changes in the rules of that version. T20 World Cup is a brand new version, it was started in 2007.

5. Australia is the highest world cup winner; they have won the title 5 times. India and the West Indies have won 2 times each. Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have won one time each.

6. Running world Champion is England; they have won the 2019 ICC Cricket world cup. The final match was against New Zealand, and that was a fantastic exciting match. Ben Stokes was the man of the game for this incredible batting performance. New Zealand was very close to winning the match.

7. Cricket is known as gentlemen game, was started by British officers and high-class people a long time back. This sport is considered as one of the most gentle and enjoyable games.

8. There are lots of countries in Europe and Asia playing cricket. This game is not so much popular in American countries, but it’s growing in Canada and the USA. Few Latin American countries have their team too.

9. ICC or International Cricket Council is the governing body for this game. They operate the entire cricket all across the world.

10. I love cricket so much, I watch and play this game. I wish to become a cricketer in the future.

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