10 Lines on Computer in English for Class 1-10

A computer is an essential tool in this modern time for everyone. Today we will learn 10 lines on the computer. Every child should learn these lines. There is a common topic for school students about ’10 sentences on computer’. We have provided 10 lines for every type of classes and students. I hope this will be really helpful for you. Share this with your kid.

10 Lines on Computer
10 Lines on Computer 

10 Lines on Computer for Class 1, 2

If your kid is on class 1 or 2, then you need to share these sentences with then. These are really simple and easy to learn.

1. Computer means a device that calculates.

2. This is a very modern machine that has made our life easier.

3. We can’t think a day without a computer.

4. It is helping us in every sector.

5. We have a computer lab at school.

6. Teachers take their class on a computer.

7. I have a laptop in my house too.

8. I love playing games and watching movies there.

9. I read books on there too.

10. Overall, it’s an exciting thing.

10 Lines on Computer for Class 3, 4, 5

1. The computer has made our life so easy.

2. We can get connected with anyone in the world with computer.

3. It is a good thing for improving the education system.

4. Teachers can take their class with multimedia projects.

5. Students can do their projects efficiently.

6. There are three types of computers, Analog, Digital and Hybrid.

7. There are two parts named Software and Hardware in the computer.

8. We have almost 20 computers in our school lab.

9. I am learning computer there.

10. The computer is a really fantastic machine.

10 Lines on Computer for Class 6, 7, 8

1. The computer has a massive contribution to the revolution of the modern and digital world.

2. The computer has a huge importance in our daily life.

3. This device is functioned intelligently that save our time and effort. And makes our any work really easy and straightforward.

4. It is being used in essential sectors like business, medical, education, and entertainment. And it has made these sectors really easy and straightforward.

5. This device has brought a massive change in the entire education system and made it really easy for students and teachers.

6. Anyone doesn’t require using book anymore. Everyone has books on their laptop. It’s easy to carry anywhere and possible to get access quickly.

7. Teachers can prepare their classes before and can use that in every category. It decreased their effort and work.

8. If you need to read a specific book, you don’t need to go to the library and search for it without any clue. You can find any book with a simple search on the internet. You can download the complete file and read in on your computer or mobile.

9. We all need to use a computer is the right way. It has come as a blessing for our digital life.

10. Nowadays, we can’t think a day without a computer. It has been such an essential part of our life.

10 Lines on Computer for Class 9, 10

1. The world is updating so fast, and the computer is having a massive contribution to this change and revolution. There are lots of things has changed totally after the invention of the computer.

2. The computer invented as a ‘counting machine,’ but now it has come with lots of technologies that can be used in every type of businesses, educational institutes, medical, research, and so many things.

3. There are specific programs for doing a task. Suppose you are a doctor and you need to use the computer for checking some data in patients body, you can do that using a program and some external equipment. And on the same computer, a student can use a program to write his projects and prepare his papers.

4. According to programs, it can be used anywhere. It has brought a considerable change in the communication system. When your computer is connected with the internet, it is like a mini world. You can get connected with anyone through social media, email, chat messengers, etc.

5. If you think, you need to learn anything you can do that too. Depending on your topic, you will find lots of websites who are providing free articles and video for learning. I suggest YouTube for free lessons and Udemy for paid courses.

6. It has so much importance in our daily life too. We need to do lots of tasks every day with a computer.

7. The entertainment world has changed entirely with the modern computer. Now people can shoot better video and can edit the footage properly. There is lots of improvement in the editing programs. If you have a good computer, you can learn Hollywood or Bollywood level movie editing from your home.

8. It has allowed everyone to prove talent. With proper knowledge of computer, it has been straightforward to get a job. There are all companies and businesses taking people with good computer knowledge.

9. Importance of computer is really high.

10. We all should need to use that device properly and bring the best output.