10 Lines on Computer for Class 3 in English

10 Lines on Computer for Class 3 in English

Here are 10 lines on the computer for class 3 in English. I hope these lines will be helpful for your kids. Don’t forget to share them with your kids.

1. Computer is one of the biggest inventions of science. It has changed the entire technology. 

2. The education system has been upgraded with the touch of modern computers. 

3. Now we can read and prepare our study on a laptop. 

4. Even our book is stored on a computer. We can keep thousands of books there and it is easy to carry. 

5. Teachers teach us with pre-made presentations. It is easy for students to understand the lesson and the teacher also can save lots of energy. 

6. In the medical world, the computer helps to find the disease and in some cases, it finds the solution too. 

7. It works based on our command, it can’t work itself.

8. I could be a great way for entertainment. You can watch movies there, listen to music and paint drawing. 

9. With lots of good sides, there are few bad sides too from the computer. Too much addiction to the computer could ruin your eyes. 

10. Overall it is a visionary invention and a wonder of science. We are so grateful for this invention. 

10 Lines on Computer for Class 3
10 Lines on Computer for Class 3

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