10 Lines on Circus in English for Students

The circus is a really entertaining thing for the kids and the adults too. Everyone should watch circus. Today we are going to share a few sentences on circus. I hope these lines will let you know more about it. You will find suitable lines for your class.

10 Lines on Circus
10 Lines on Circus

10 Lines on Circus for Class 2, 3, 4

1. The circus is a really amazing thing.

2. It entertains us a lot. Kids love to see it.

3. The circus is not so often or common right now.

4. People are not so much interested in this stuff anymore.

5. But it is still a huge way to entertain the kids.

6. Even I love to watch the circus a lot.

7. I have visited a little circus show with my parents.

8. I love all of these shows.

9. Their stunts are amazing and they are really funny and make me laugh every time.

10. I want to see more circuses.

10 Lines on Circus for Class 5, 6, 7

1. The circus is an amazing way to get entertained.

2. There was a time when every age people loved to enjoy the circus. It was really popular and being a circus player was prestigious.

3. But now the cinema has pushed the circus background. Only children still watch the circus.

4. I always was a huge fan of the circus. I wanted to enjoy a live circus in front of my eye. I said my father, and he promised me to take if possible.

5. Finally, I have visited a circus last week. It was on Kolkata. I and my parents were there. I will share that experience here.

6. We found lots of people came to enjoy the circus. My father bought the ticket and we entered the tent. The tent was really big and colorful. I loved it a lot. I never thought that a tent could be that big and beautiful.

7. At the beginning of the show, three clowns came with fancy and colored dresses. They were doing so many fun things to make people laugh. I was enjoying their tricks.

8. Then they came with lots of different types of animals including tiger, lion, and horses. I enjoyed them all.

9. Another enjoyable part was a cycle stunt. A young girl was driving a single wheel cycle on a rope.

10. My visit to the circus was amazing and thrilling. I can’t forget these stunts that I have seen in front of my eye. I was applauding for them a lot. Everyone on the spectator gallery enjoyed the show.

10 Lines on Circus for Class 8, 9, 10

1. I love to watch a circus. I have seen lots of videos related it but never saw that live. My father asked me last week if I want to see a circus in Mumbai. I was agreed.

2. The day was really exciting for me. My parents and my sister were with me. That was an amazing experience that I’m going to share with you.

3. When we reach there, we found a long line for the ticket. My father went to buy tickets for us and we almost waited for half an hour.

4. After purchasing the ticket we entered in the circus tent. That was a huge tent and I was amazed. I never thought that could be that much thrilling. My heart was beating and I was getting ready for some exciting stunts.

5. My sister was also the first time in her life. She was lots of nervous and excited like me. We were asking so many questions to our parents. They said us to keep patience and wait for the show to get started.

6. At the beginning of the show, two clowns came wearing a pink and blue color fancy dress. One of them dressed as a monkey and another one was a tiger. They were entertaining the kids. They were really funny. I love them.

7. The clowns made people laugh and then a young came with a single wheel cycle. I was surprised watching her on a single wheel cycle. But after a while, she started to drive the cycle on a rope. I and my sister were shocked to see that scene.

8. Then they brought an elephant and I was performing lots of funny tricks. I really enjoyed this part.

9. They brought lion, tiger, rhino, and horses step by step. All of these animals were amazing. They performed amazing things.

10. I will never forget that circus experience in my life. I wish to see more circuses. I have been a huge fan of them.