10 Lines on Chess in English for All Class and Grade

Chess is one of my most favorite games. I love playing chess. I learned this game from my elder brother. Every kid should learn more about this amazing game. And that’s why we are providing 10 sentences on chess. By reading these lines or points, you will get a brief idea about this game. These lines are really important for all grade and class students.

10 Lines on Chess in English
10 Lines on Chess in English

10 Lines on Chess for Class 2, 3, 4

1. Chess is the most popular indoor game.

2. It has an amazing brief history behind the foundation of this game.

3. You can play chess on your computer or on mobile.

4. This is an internationally played and highly popular game.

5. You can develop a career as a professional chess player if you are passionate enough about this game.

6. It comes with so much inner satisfaction and mental exercise.

7. It was known as ‘Chaturanga’ in previous time.

8. Two players play with each other at the same time. You can play with the computer too for practicing.

9. It is a reputed and popular game all across the world.

10. I love playing chess so much and I wish to become a fulltime chess player in the future.

10 Lines on Chess for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Chess is one of the oldest games that people still play and it has been popular gradually. People are so much connected with this game.

2. This game was started on 6th century in India. But modern chess has come front by Europeans with modern rules and regulation.

3. This game is known as a game of brilliant peoples. You need to have proper concentration power, enough creativity and have to be visionary if you want to win a chess game.

4. It will improve your concentration power, creativity and brain gradually. And that’s why everyone should play this game regularly.

5. When it began in India, it was known as ‘chaturanga’ and it was a really different game than modern chess. But the European has brought lots of changes in the rules and made this game really awesome.

6. Experts say that, if a kid plays chess regularly, it will improve his IQ, concentration, creativity, and memory. All of them are highly important for a kid to develop. This game can develop all these qualities in a kid.

7. We all should let our kids play chess.

8. I started playing chess when I was 6 and my brother my first teacher in this game.

9. I play regularly and learn daily. There are so many things to learn from this game.

10. Chess is not just a game, it’s a lesson for everyone.

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10 Lines on Chess for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Chess began in India in the 6th century with the name of ‘Chaturanga’. It has come through lots of changes and editions in the rules and system of the game. Modern chess has come in front by the European.

2. This game could be an amazing option for passing your leisure time in a quality way. It will let you exercise your brain and keep you satisfy inside. Lots of people play this game as their hobby. I am also a passionate chess player and it is my hobby to play chess often.

3. My elder brother is a master chess player. He has participated in a few championships and won one. So I was inspired watching him playing chess. I started learning with my computer and still learning.

4. It is the best way to spend my spare time with so much fun and entertainment. It gives me so much inner satisfaction and feels better inside when I win a game against someone else.

5. This game let us help to become more competitive. It creates a mentality to fight more in real life.

6. There are some simple easy rules in the game. But it’s no simpler when you start playing. The opponent will use the same method and rules to win against you. You have to become creative and find some new moves that can surprise your opponent. You will learn something new always, in that game.

7. It is proved that playing chess can improve your brain functionality.

8. As a kid, everyone should play chess. Because it will help you to become more creative and visionary.

9. Concentration is a really important thing in life. Everyone should have this virtue. Do you know, you can improve your concentration power by playing chess? Yes, you can. That’s why every kid should play chess regularly.

10. Chess is my favorite game and I love playing chess so much. I wish to become a professional chess player in the future. I will keep playing more and more.

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