10 Lines on Camel in English for Children and Students

Camel is a really big animal, mostly seen in the deserts. Today we will talk about this animal. We are sharing 10 sentences on a camel. I hope you will learn so much about this animal from these lines. You should share these points with your kids. These lines are suitable for all classes.

10 Lines on Camel
10 Lines on Camel

10 Lines on Camel for Class 2, 3, 4

1. The camel is a very big animal.

2. It is known as ‘The Ship of the Desert’.

3. It is a really important animal for the countries with the desert area.

4. They have four legs.

5. It has a very short tail.

6. It is a very hardworking animal.

7. They can carry lots of goods on their backs.

8. An average camel height is about eight feet.

9. They can run so faster, where other animals can even walk.

10. Camel is really important to us.

10 Lines on Camel for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Camel is an animal that you will see often in the desert. The people who lived in the desert, use a camel as their ride.

2. Camel has a huge importance on transportation. There are so many places where people can’t walk in the desert. In that case, a camel can help you a lot.

3. They are really hard-working. They can walk on sandy roads and they can survive a long time without having any water. They don’t eat a lot either.

4. In some deserted area in India, there are lots of camels. You will find most of them in Rajasthan, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur etc place. People of these places use a camel as their principal way to do transportation.

5. Camel is the beauty of the desert. You won’t find camels often in any other place except the deserted area.

6. Sometimes they help farmers to plow their fields. There are so many similar activities where people use them.

7. Among every camel in India, the camels from Bikaner are really famous. They are stronger and they have got better speed.

8. A camel has about eight feet height and they are really strong physically. They can run faster even when they have heavy loads on them.

9. In old times, people use to make a huge transport of something with a few camels, when they need to go for a very long distance. That was known as a caravan.

10. I found camels are really interesting. I have seen some of them in Rajasthan. I liked them a lot.

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10 Lines on Camel for Class 8, 9, 10

1. There are so many animals in the desert. Camel is one of them. They are mostly seen in the deserted areas.

2. They are really useful for people who are living in the desert.

3. Camels help them to move from one place to another place easily. Even they can carry heavy loads.

4. This eight feet high animal is really strong. It has four strong legs. They can run really faster on sandy roads where you can’t even walk.  That’s why it has been really helpful for desert.

5. This vegan animal eats grass and pallets only. The food for the camel is very limited. They survive a couple of days except drinking any water.

6. The camel milk is really good and it has less fat than cow milk. Its meat is also very tasty. There is a huge demand for camel meat in the entire world.

7. Most of the Arabian countries have lots of camels. It is a really worthy animal.

8. They are known because of their calmness and patience.

9. Sometimes people use them for multipurpose works. They even get used to plow the field.

10. Camels are my favorite animals. I love them a lot. They are really hard working and amazing.

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