10 Lines on Buddha Purnima in English

Buddha Purnima is the biggest celebration among the Buddhist peoples all across the world. Every kid should know about this awesome festival. That’s why we are providing 10 sentences on Buddha Purnima in English. I hope these lines will be helpful to you. Share these lines with your kids. We have provided suitable lines for every class.

10 Lines on Buddha Purnima in English
10 Lines on Buddha Purnima in English

10 Lines on Buddha Purnima for Class 2, 3, 4

1. Buddha Purnima is mainly a festival among Buddhist people to celebrate the birthday of Lord Gautam Buddha.

2. He came to the world on this date.

3. It is the biggest celebration among the followers of Buddha.

4. This festival falls on a full moon day in the Hindu month Vaishak (April/May).

5. An interesting fact about this day is, the birthday of Buddha and the date of his enlightenment is the same.

6. It also marks the death anniversary of Gautam Buddha.

7. He was known as ‘Siddharth’ before his enlightenment.

8. He was born in Lumbini, Nepal and his father was the ruler of their state.

9. He left his family including his wife and a son behind to find the truth.

10. He ends starting a new religion named ‘Buddhism’.

10 Lines on Buddha Purnima for Class 5, 6, 7

1. Buddha Purnima is celebrated among Buddhist people. They celebrate the birth and death anniversary of Gautam Buddha.

2. He got enlightenment on the same date. Most of the historian and their religious books provided this information.

3. Gautam is the highest religious leader in Buddhism. He was the founder of the religion.

4. He was the son of a Nepali statesperson. He was never attracted to this wealthy, fancy and rich life. He was looking for the truth always.

5. He got married with a very beautiful girl named ‘Yasodhara’ and they had a son named ‘Rahul’.

6. Gautam left his family behind and went the Himalayas to find the truth.

7. He meditated for twelve years under a tree named ‘Bodhi tree’. He got enlightenment after his twelve years meditation and it is the same date as his birthday.

8. Then he left Bodhi under some of his followers and went to Kashi to let people know about the truth.

9. Then he started the religion that we all know now as Buddhism.

10. He was an amazing personality according to the historians. There are so many lessons to learn from his life.

10 Lines on Buddha Purnima for Class 8, 9, 10

1. Buddha Purnima is a festival among Buddhist peoples, where they celebrate the birth anniversary, death anniversary and enlightenment of Gautam Buddha.

2. He became one of the most respected spiritual teachers and founded a new religion named ‘Buddhism’.

3. He was known as Siddharth before he got Bodhi or enlightenment. After getting Bodhi, he became the great Buddha and called as Gautam Buddha.

4. Although, anybody doesn’t know about his real birth date but according to historians he was born on 563 B.C.

5. He was born in Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Nepal. His father was the ruler of Kapilvastu. They were a very rich and respected family. But he was not attracted to all this wealth. He wanted to know the truth.

6. He got married with ‘Yasodhara’ and they gave birth a child named ‘Rahu’. But he left all of them behind and went to the Himalayas for finding the truth.

7. He came to the Himalayas and meditated under a Bodhi tree for twelve years. This part is the most important part of his life. This meditation changed his life.

8. In that time, he got spiritual power. Because of the tree name, it is called that ‘He Got Bodhi’. Bodhi means enlightenment or some spiritual power that normal people don’t have.

9. That’s why Bodh Gaya is one of the biggest pilgrimages for the Buddhist people. Some other important places for them are Lumbini, Sarnath, Kushinagar etc.

10. Buddha Purnima is a huge celebration all across the world. I have been to a celebration in Nepal. It was amazing and I loved it.