10 Lines on Autumn Season in English for Class 1 to 10

Autumn is a really exciting season in the year. I enjoy this season a lot. Today I’m going to share a few sentences on autumn season. I hope these points will be really helpful for you. Whatever your class or grade is doesn’t matter, you will find your suitable content here. I am highly suggesting sharing these lines with your kids too.

10 Lines on Autumn Season for Class 2, 3, 4

Easiest and most simple lines for class 2, 3, and 4 is here for you.  

1. Autumn is a middle season of summer and winter.  

2. It comes after the summer and before the winter.  

3. The beginning of this season is pretty much hot and ends with cold weather.  

4. The tree leaves start getting yellow, orange, and red.  

5. Birds start to store foods in their nest.  

6. This season is known as the fall season.  

7. You will find a significant change in the weather this season.  

8. Mostly this season starts as of September and ends in December.  

9. This season starts with the autumnal equinox.  

10. I love the autumn season.

10 Lines on Autumn Season for Class 5, 6, 7

If you are a student of class 5, 6, or 7 you can learn these points in autumn. These are really easy and important points for students.  

1. Autumn is one of the four seasons. This season is pretty much different from other seasons.  

2. It starts right after summer and that’s why you will feel enough hot at the beginning of the season.  

3. And then you will feel lots of coldness of winter season because right after autumn, winter gets a start.  

4. You will find a significant change in the environment, especially on the trees. Their leaves start to become red, yellow, orange, or brown.  

5. There are so many types of crops that people harvest in the time of autumn. Arugula, Beet Greens, Cabbage, Lettuces, and Mibuna, etc are the most common crops in this season.  

6. In the united state, this season is the time for thanksgiving and Halloween. So people really enjoy their time in this festive season.  

7. This season is also known as fruit gather season. Because people gather fruit in this season.  

8. Another interesting thing about autumn is lotus on the pond. You will find lots of types of lotus on the pond. I really like that flower.  

9. There are lots of similarities between spring and autumn because of the environmental situation.  

10. I love the autumn season a lot.  

10 Lines on Autumn Season for Class 8, 9, 10

Autumn is interesting with so many changes in nature and the environment. Here are 10 sentences on the autumn season for you. These lines are for classes 8, 9, and 10. I hope you can learn the lines easily.  

1. The Autumn season comes with a bigger change in nature and the environment. People from the entire world start to celebrate thanksgiving and Halloween at this time.  

2. Leaves fall on the ground and become red, yellow, or orange before falling. If you visit any public park at that time, you will love the left falling.  

3. This season is mostly known as fall season when summer ends and winter starts.  

4. There are some major changes this season. The daytime will start being shorter, leaves changing color and getting ready to fall, and the temperature becomes cooler.  

5. At this time all the plants stop making their food. The animals start to prepare themselves for a long month ahead.  

6. The autumnal equinox occurs on 23 September every year. This day is important because day night is exactly equal in this date. This is a signal for the upcoming season and that the day starts to get shorter slowly.  

7. This season is one of my favorite seasons. I really enjoy nature at that time. The weather becomes really fresh. There is a rare amount of clouds and rain, and I really enjoy the time.  

8. It is a mixed feeling about hot and cold. You will feel hot in the day and cold at night.  

9. People really enjoy their time because there are a few major festivals in the middle of this season.  

10. I love to spend time with my family in autumn.  

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